Sunday, 10 May 2015

And So It Begins

I was absolutely incensed when I heard the result of the recent General Election. I won’t go into all my reasoning again, as I’ve already done that at but now the dust has settled, I feel the need to do something constructive, as I’m sure many more of you do too.

So small a step as it is, I’ve decided to start this new blog, on which I intend to post links for relevant petitions and websites and feature related news stories, in the belief that strong campaigns by ordinary people can help to shape our country for the better.

Of course, I will be continuing the campaign that I started some time ago over on Shoppers’ Joy, calling for a review of Ofsted, following a large number of inconsistent and unfair reports that have seen devastating school closures and unwanted changes to popular schools. If you’re not familiar with this campaign, please read my posts Are Ofsted Off The Mark? and Ofsted - The Response and if you use Twitter please tweet #OfstedNoConfidence

But I also intend to address a number of other issues too, from stopping the repeal of the fox hunting ban, to improving and preserving the NHS. Please lend your voice to the issues that matter to you.

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