Sunday, 10 May 2015

Introducing Purely People Power

Fed up with some of the current injustices in the world, further highlighted by some of the awful policies proposed by the ‘new’ Conservative government, I feel more motivated than ever to fight for the things that I believe.

My outrage has spurred me into writing this new blog (my third, as I also write and though these are more for pleasure) which I intend to become a platform for bringing attention to worthwhile causes, providing links to relevant petitions and websites.

Whoever you voted for in the most recent UK elections, you may feel dissatisfaction with, or even utter outrage at, some of the proposed policy changes or existing inequalities in the country. But we must not underestimate the voice of the ordinary person in making changes for the good of all.

I believe in a country that doesn’t kick people when they’re down, that is mindful of the environment and wildlife and that revolves around a society whereby people look after one another.

If there are things that you feel that need to be changed, then use your voice, but use it calmly and eloquently. Sign petitions, lobby MPs, write to newspapers, take part in peaceful protests and push for change. It’s a calm, organised voice of the people that gets results, so let’s get together for the good or all!

I believe that it’s not who is right, but what is right that really matters.

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