Monday, 11 May 2015

Keep Saying ‘No’ To Fox Hunting

With Cameron unleashed upon the nation once again, he’s set to push for some very unwelcome changes. One of these is his plan to repeal the fox hunting ban.

Despite what advocates of the inaptly dubbed ‘sport’ will tell you, there is no good reason for re-instating this mindless pastime. It is not an effective way to manage the fox population; there are far more humane ways to approach this should it be necessary. And as for those that harp on about tradition! There was a tradition of public hangings once upon a time but we’d hardly re-instate those either!

Then there are those who say, “Well, what are we supposed to do with the hounds now?” Well, stop breeding them would be a good way to start. Exercise existing hounds by laying suitable trails and occupy your time with something more worthwhile.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of countryside horse riding, providing it doesn’t involve chasing after a defenceless little animal, running it ragged and scaring it half to death – and worse. Want the thrill of the chase? Then I suggest you chase each other – and see how you like it!

If you agree that the fox hunting ban should stay firmly in place there are a number of organisations and petitions that you can support: 

Brian May’s “is a non-profit organization that speaks out about the cruel minority in our society that feels it is their right to persecute and torture wildlife for sport”.
The charity campaigns against cruelty to animals through ‘sports’ such as fox hunting and believes in keeping the ban.

At you can sign a petition and there is also a sample letter that you can sign and send to David Cameron, although this is aimed more at those hunting illegally whilst the ban exists.

Whilst at you can sign a current petition against the repeal of the ban.

Please lend your support and add any petition details of which you are aware to the comments section of this blog, thank you!

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