Monday, 25 May 2015

Ofsted – The Petition

For some months I’ve been running a series of blog posts on my Shoppers’ Joy blog, detailing the inconsistencies and injustices of Ofsted reports. For those of you who have not read these, you can catch up with them here:

In summary, I have had first-hand experience of a good school being put into special measures and an appalling school receiving a ‘good’ report. In addition to my own experience, I have read about many schools that seem to have been treated unfairly, often being put into special measures, or even closed down, despite protests from parents and pupils that have nothing but praise for those schools.

It has become apparent that Ofsted is no longer working for the good of students and schools as a whole. We want our children to receive a sound education in a safe environment, but Ofsted appear to be taking away our choices and not always acting in our best interests.

In view of all of this, I have started a petition to instigate an independent review of Ofsted. Please take the time to read and sign the petition, by visiting:

You can also support the campaign on Twitter, by tweeting #OfstedNoConfidence

Thank you for your support!

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