Monday, 22 June 2015

Protect Child Tax Credits

Despite promises made by David Cameron during the election campaign that many benefits would not be cut, it appears that the government is now considering reducing tax credits for millions of working families as part of its £12bn welfare cuts.

This move could mean that some of the poorest families in our society would see their income fall by £845 per child per year.

George Osborne and co say that the change will increase 'incentives to work', however many of the affected families are those in work, but on low pay. How will this help?

This just sounds like another Tory scheme to kick people when they’re down, making the poor poorer, whilst the rich (MPs included) get large pay rises.

What can we do? Campaign against this move. You can currently sign a petition against the proposed cuts by visiting:

Let’s not penalise hard-working families that already get so little in return!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Defending Nature

In recent times I’ve become much more interested in nature and how we can protect wildlife and the natural environment, which is why I’d like to introduce you to the RSPB Defend Nature campaign

The Directives that currently protect our wildlife and areas of natural beauty are up for debate by the European Commission. It’s thanks to the current Directives that many of our natural species have been protected or even reintroduced to our country – important work that must be continued!

The RSPB is endeavouring to prove to the Commission that the current Directives actually work, not just for the good of nature and the environment, but for the good of business too!

Please visit the website and show your support for the protection of wildlife species and habitats for the future. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Supporting The ‘Pig Idea’

Several weeks ago, I was browsing through a magazine, when I noticed an article about a campaign to revive the feeding of food waste to pigs.

A couple of things struck me about the article. Firstly I had been unaware that there’d been a move away from this practice – it had always seemed such a sensible thing to do. Secondly, I was shocked to discover that in order to feed livestock alternative foodstuffs, rainforests are being senselessly destroyed and produce that could be fed to starving humans is being diverted elsewhere, whilst the cost of disposing of food waste soars. You can read more about the argument to reinstate the feeding of food waste to pigs, (currently banned under EU law, surprise, surprise) by visiting

At you can also pledge your support to the campaign to allow the practice of feeding food waste to pigs to become acceptable and allowable once again. It seems the sensible thing to do!