Monday, 1 June 2015

Supporting The ‘Pig Idea’

Several weeks ago, I was browsing through a magazine, when I noticed an article about a campaign to revive the feeding of food waste to pigs.

A couple of things struck me about the article. Firstly I had been unaware that there’d been a move away from this practice – it had always seemed such a sensible thing to do. Secondly, I was shocked to discover that in order to feed livestock alternative foodstuffs, rainforests are being senselessly destroyed and produce that could be fed to starving humans is being diverted elsewhere, whilst the cost of disposing of food waste soars. You can read more about the argument to reinstate the feeding of food waste to pigs, (currently banned under EU law, surprise, surprise) by visiting

At you can also pledge your support to the campaign to allow the practice of feeding food waste to pigs to become acceptable and allowable once again. It seems the sensible thing to do!

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